Glacier Park Jewelry Necklace - Spotted Bear

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A necklace inspired by the legend of the 'spotted bear' near Glacier National Park
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Around 1861 two miners from California hired Felix Baptiste to guide them through the wilderness over the Continental Divide to the East side prairies. To avoid the Blackfeet Indian tribe they traveled up the South Fork and Spotted Bear Rivers across to Sun River. While near the mouth of the Spotted Bear River, they saw a Black Bear with a white spot on its chest and belly. The name Spotted Bear was born. Markings and color phases on Black Bears vary in different locations. Spotted Bears are Black Bears, but the coat may be shades of brown, orange, yellow, white and even blue in colder climates. A bear in the white color phase is sacred to the Native Americans and bears are considered close relations to humans because they can stand and run on two legs. Bears symbolize wisdom, courage, power and wilderness. Black Bears are about 3 feet tall and range in weight from under 100 lbs to 400 lbs. They can run up to 35 mph, climb trees and live to be 25 years old. No stones were taken from Glacier National Park to produce this item. The beads are blue goldstone, hematite, rainbow moonstone, sterling silver, German crystal and glass. Closure parts are sterling silver. All stones used are semi-precious. Glacier National Park is precious.

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