Glacier Park Jewelry Earrings - Black Bear

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An earring set inspired by the Black Bears in Glacier National Park.
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Bears symbolize wisdom, courage, power and wilderness. Found throughout Glacier National Park, Black Bears have highly organized social structures and family units. They demonstrate affection to family members. Black Bears are about 3 feet tall and range in weight from under 100 lbs. to 400 lbs. The coat of the Black Bear can be shades of brown, orange, yellow and white. A bear in the white color phase is sacred to Native Americans and bears are considered closely related to humans because they can stand and run on two legs. Black Bears can run up to about 35 mph, climb trees and live to be 25 years old. Their diet consists mainly of vegetation; flowers, leaves, shoots, roots, nuts, berries and fruits. As bears eat berries with seeds, they distribute them throughout Glacier National Park. Bears prefer tender vegetation that grows in the first few years following a fire or along avalanche paths. They also eat honey, fish, rodents, reptiles, insects, frogs and carrion. During summer and early fall, Black Bears eat constantly bulking up with high energy foods to sustain them during the long winter hibernation. Females usually give birth to 2 or 3 cubs in their den in January or February. The sow and her cubs stay together throughout the year and usually den together the following winter. No stones were taken from Glacier National Park to produce this item. The beads are blue goldstone, hematite, rainbow moonstone, sterling silver, German crystal and glass. Closure parts are sterling silver. All stones used are semi-precious. Glacier National Park is precious.

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