Glacier Park Jewelry Bracelet - Crown of the Continent

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A bracelet inspired by the mountains in Glacier National Park.
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Most of Glacier National Park's rocks are formed from sediment deposited in an ancient sea about 1,600 to 800 million years ago. Over the ages, natural forces shaped Glacier National Park by severe climate changes, ice-age glaciers, bulging rivers, heat rising from deep within the earth, crustal upheavals, compression forces buckling rocks, and erosion. The colorful palette of rocks that can be seen throughout Glacier is caused by iron minerals. Chlorite creates the green colors. Hematite creates the red to purple shades. Blue-green algae lived in this warm ancient sea during the Proterozoic eon. Stromatolites are fossilized algae that can be seen throughout Glacier National Park. The magnificence of Glacier was held in awe by the Indian tribes who inhabited it for many generations. The Blackfeet Indians called the Rocky Mountains Backbone-of-the-World. Many moun?ªtains, valleys, rivers and lakes still have sacred sites bearing Native American names. Logan Pass is known as the Ancient Road. Heavens Peak is called Where-God-Lives by the Blackfeet people and Red- Bird by the Kutenai people. The landscape of Glacier National Park is constantly being transformed by natural forces. In witnessing that, our understanding of life expands. No stones were taken from Glacier National Park to produce this item. The beads are blue goldstone, hematite, rainbow moonstone, sterling silver, German crystal and glass. Closure parts are sterling silver. All stones used are semi-precious. Glacier National Park is precious.

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